Are you finding that your sales organization is not meeting its expectations and that is creating a negative effect on the goals and objectives of your company? Maybe your organization's management lacks the structure necessary to create an efficient and effective sales group. Many organizations find themselves in similar situations. Only proven sales management methods will point your company in the direction needed to meet all of your goals and objectives.

Contour's solutions are as follows:

Contour Group provides senior-level management a pure focus on sales. This focus is achieved with an overall reduction of costs to the company. Organizations can utilize professional help without having it on a full-time basis. This professional help can also be used while there is a void in a management position, until it is filled. Some of the solutions that we have provided are in the following areas:

This is the most important area of focus for sales management. Having the ability to hire the right people can be the most rewarding for an organization. It can also be the organization's downfall. Contour has people with the expertise to evaluate sales talent and put that talent to work in an environment that will breed success.

Contour provides training in the areas of large account selling, utilizing account and personality profiles. We find that relationship-selling is the only proven method leading to success and we provide the know-how and tools for the implementation of this incredibly successful methodology. We also provide training to first level sales management, enhancing their ability to manage a sales force. They learn to effectively conduct, both productive sales team meetings, as well as one-on-one meetings with their personnel, ensuring that the right productivity is there for achieving successful goals and objectives.

Sales and Sales Management Assessments
Contour can design and implement a non-threatening personnel and organizational assessment. This provides you with the confidence that you have the right people, in the right places, to ensure success and profitability. People are your most important asset and the right person in the right place will guarantee many years of success for your organization.