Are you finding that your IT organization is not functioning as well as your business requires? Concerned about the size of the IT budget and related priorities? Perhaps the initiatives in the IT group are not well aligned with the core business direction of your organization. Or, perhaps there is not enough integration between your IT group and your business units.

If these things sound familiar, you are not alone. The fact is that many middle and upper-tier organizations have the same issues. Many of today’s organizations are faced with limited personnel resources and have found it difficult to recruit the right team of professionals.

We may have a solution for you, Interim Management:

Contour has the ability to provide senior-level IT management and leadership talent within a program that helps reduce overall cost while establishing a logical tactical and strategic direction. Our program is simple in its approach but powerful in its impact. We operate on the principal that most organizations today can use highly experienced leadership within its IT organization, but it may not need that talent on a full time basis. We can provide a senior-level executive on a part-time or interim basis.

Some of the types of problems we have helped solve include:

There is a recent vacancy in the management ranks of the IT organization.
In an effort to help decrease the likelihood of making a bad new hire for a senior level position, our clients have used one of our professionals to help fill a temporary need, assist with the vetting process and provide organizational stability during the decision making period.

Due to cost considerations a CIO-level leader has not been hired on the staff permanently.
Cost pressures keep many organizations from recruiting the right level of talent that they need. By using one of our professionals on an interim basis a firm can receive the benefit of the top-level professional they need but within a program that provides effective cost and time management.

Personnel & Organizational Assessments.
Do you have the right people in the right positions deployed within the right structure? Contour can provide non-threatening personnel and organizational assessment designed to help you answer these questions. Our approach is straight-forward and collaborative in nature, and not designed with the purpose of headcount reductions. Instead, we take a constructive approach to the planning and assessment process. At the conclusion of the assessment we provide feedback in the form of a written report and engage in productive conversation and brainstorming sessions with your key management.